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The Association’s main goals are the following:

  • To invigorate and boost the Oncology and Biopharmaceutics sector in the Castilla and Leon region, promoting its development by means of innovation, research, cooperation and training activities in key aspects for the sector, in order to achieve the formation of a highly-competitive sector
  • To become a contact point within the Oncology and Biopharmaceutics sector in the Castilla and Leon region, both on a national and international level.
  • To promote growth and competitiveness within its scope of activity and that of its partners, supporting the development of said partners in all realms of their activity.
  • To promote cooperation amongst its members and between its members and the rest of interest groups on a regional, national and international scale.
  • Conseguir un tejido empresarial fuerte que pueda competir en todo tipo de mercados.
  • To achieve the sector’s complete internationalization.

Taking into account the analysis performed and in accordance with the agreed on future outlook, an action plan has been drawn-up, involving the following areas of improvement:

    • Science and technology area: increasing the number of patents, licenses and Start-ups.
    • Companies area: increasing business competitiveness.
    • Environment: improving the microcluster’s visibility and positioning at a local and international level.

The various actions developing the strategy are framed within the areas of improvement identified above. The table we include below shows the outline of the Cluster’s Action Plan on a schematic basis, with the expected action lines for each of the areas of improvement indentified in the Strategic Plan. In the table, those action areas and lines of action that are the object of this aid are highlighted.

A) Area: Science & Technology Push
01. Technology Valuation and Transfer Unit
02. Technical Support for the promotion of major national and international projects
03. MBO system for scientists
04. Capturing/attracting researchers
05. Boosting and professionalization of Advanced Services
06. Specifi c and specialized training programs: management
B) Area: Companies
07. Advice and tutoring of companies
08. Technical Support for the promotion of major national and international projects.
09. Training of Technicians and Middle-Managers.
10. Accessing new markets-internationalization value chain
C) Area: Environment
11. Setting up the AEI: Strategy Plan and Registration with the MITYC
12. AEI Website
13. Communications and marketing strategy
14. Awareness and networking panels and lectures
15. Benchmarking
16. Conferences and Awards for Innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
17. Scientific Park
18. Bioincubator.
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Location and Contact

Oncology Cluster of Castilla y León.

C/ Jacinto Benavente, 2-4ª Planta
47195 Arroyo de la Encomienda (Valladolid)

Phone: +34 983 324 217 / 679 962 765